Headphone demonstration system

Design and manufacture of a system to demonstrate headphones in high street retail outlets

Headphone demonstration system

The Challenge

We were approached to design and manufacture a system to demonstrate popular headphone brands on sale in leading high street retail outlets. The time scale and cost constraints were very tight, requiring a design and prototype within four weeks of the project’s kick-off. The need was to give the consumer total control of what music they wanted to listen to and at what volume as they tested out headphones prior to purchase.

The BitBox Approach

As our customers will testify, a benefit of using BitBox is that all of our experts are available in our Basingstoke facility. This joined up approach to electronics and software design and manufacture ensured that we had the confidence to take on this demanding and high-profile project. Our solution used a music server as the music source, distributing the audio using S/PDIF to a number of headphone amplifiers. We used an ARM Cortex M3 processor at each headphone station to control the music source, the volume and a small touch interface.


Taking advantage of the complete BitBox service, we designed, tested and produced a ready-for-manufacture product within the client's tight timescale and budget requirements. Our professional production team went on to manufacture over 2,000 headphone stations in an eight week period. These units are now successfully installed into stores around the UK. In the battle with online shopping, the client created an exciting and effective Point Of Sale experience for consumers while demonstrating the hi-tech product.

We look to nurture true partnerships with each client; our relationship continues to evolve as we build new functionality and options in to the systems, as we suppor our client through the full product life-cycle.


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