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My concept works on Arduino... how do I source a reliable partner for successful commercial production?

Arduino kits - from the tiny LightBlue Bean® to the many larger developer platforms - are superb starting points. Once you've created your inital concept with lash-ups and the results are good, you'll need to develop a robust prototype to secure funding that will make your idea a reality.

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Undecided on who to partner with?

In reviewing providers check each potential provider's capability in:

  • ensuring quality processes throughout design and manufacture
  • testing including a comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance requirements
  • the manufacturing team delivering what the software and firmware designers specify
  • volume manufacturing profitably and reliably
  • managing obsolescence and innovation throughout your product’s lifecycle
  • their commitment to your success.

At BitBox we have extensive experience partnering with entrepreneurs as they take their designs forward to a commercial product. With our input they improve the functionality, the design and, because we have decades of experience, we reduce many of the risks involved. Because we have worked with the core elements of Arduino for many years, our design engineers have a sound understanding of how to transform your design from an Arduino concept in to successful product.

Our experts have helped develop many systems and they all start with the same approach: understand the idea and its context, consider the application of different technologies, certifications and approval systems needed and, with these in mind, look at the manufacturing process required. 

Engaging with BitBox is easy and brings many benefits. Ultimately, the electronics and software design and manufacturing teams can take your concept and make it a reality. BitBox:

  • Gives access to a strong engineering team that will understand your product and re-engineer where necessary
  • Has extensive experience in bringing successful products to market
  • Is experienced in regulatory approval requirements and related compliance issues
  • Offers full confidentiality protection for your intellectual property 
  • Provides the complete manufacturing service - assembled units delivered in batches from our UK manufacturing facility to suit your market, from few to many
  • Will share your passion and commitment to delivering a successful commercial product.

By choosing the BitBox "Arduino Develop For Growth Pathway" for your product, you will receive the product you want and the service you deserve while we minimise risks, delays and costs to best set your product up for commercial success.

So confident that our service will impress you, we offer you a FREE one hour "Arduino Development For Growth" clinic. In this time our engineers will consult on what is possible. 


BitBox wants to work with you. Hear our Managing Director, Quentin Lister, talk through what makes BitBox a great company to partner with.

Working With BitBox

We'd love to hear about your concept. Please contact us and start to make your idea a reality.